The Story of Webster D. Church, known as "Early" to his friends - August 16, 2009
You are invited to attend the Walk Around Rosary at the Virgin of the Poor Shrine in New Hope, TN, every Sunday during the
month of May at 2pm (anther tourist site stated services are at 2:00 every Sunday from May through October). The shrine is a replica of the original in Banneaux, Belgium, where Mary appeared to a young girl nine times from January to March 1933. (From then on, people flocked there to receive healings.) Handmade by monks and local lay craftspeople, the shrine was dedicated in 1983, the 50th-anniversary year of the apparitions. It is the only shrine in the United States dedicated to the Virgin of the Poor.
From I-24 at South Pittsburg, take State Route 156 east for 2.2 miles to Burns Island Road. Turn left, go about 1 mile, then follow the signs.
David and Diane .... two fabulous people!!!
We have some dear friends, indeed! David, having learned of the Virgin Mary Healing Shrine in New Hope, TN, years ago, took Diane there last Friday ... she has had sleep problems, including not having or remembering any dreams. Diane woke up Saturday morning, having had a short dream and remembering it - for the first time in over 10 years! When they shared the story with us, we were sold! They mentioned that on Sundays, at 2:00, there is a sevice of some sort at the shrine. So, the four of us packed into the Element truckster and headed down there yesterday, arriving early, mind you, due to not considering New Hope is in CST and we're in EST. No problem, we found the one and only restaurant that was open in the small town of South Pittsburgh, TN, ate lunch and then headed to our destination.

David and Diane are part of our Sunday potluck group and a couple of weeks ago, our group started a manifestation list for each other. We have committed to each reading the list every day, holding our visions. Our mission yesterday was to attend the 2:00 service, walk through the 14 stations and then leave a copy of our manifestation list along with the other requests people leave there (there are pens and notebooks on the stone table you can see inside the shrine).

We arrived at 2:22 our time, 1:22 local time, so we were still early for the service. We were the only people there, but within minutes, a police cruiser came through the parking lot, checking things out. We waved to each other and off he went. We were reading a large plaque near the parking lot and then turned around to take in the sight of the beautiful stone shrine. The tile mosaic is stunning! This is the first picture Mike took ... none of us even noticed the little dog peeking through the gate, watching us intently.
As we walked toward the shrine, this little dog inched his way closer to the front and Mike got this picture. We all just stopped for a second, taking in the sight of this precious dog ... obviously having been abandoned there - at the Healing Shrine in New Hope ...
Now for all of you to understand the shear shock that overcame both me and Mike, you have to know about "Webster" .... Webster is the puppy/dog that Mike and I have held in our hearts to have someday, our best guess was sometime next year, maybe (someday when we could "afford" a dog, mind you :). Webster has been on our vision/manifestation board since Spring of 2007 (he is a Havanese puppy - picture taken off the web). I've clipped a picture of him from our manifestation board and placed it right next to the above picture ... Take it in ....
What can we say? We were both a bit shocked and overwhelmed .... Honestly, to the point of disbelief. It was just amazing.

Webster was shy and scared, but Mike was able to coax him out pretty quickly. Webster D. Church, known as "Early" to his friends (we were, after all, supposed to just be there for a church service and we were early:) became fast friends with us all.

Webster came along with us as we visited the 14 stations of the cross. We carried out some sort of ritual at each station and took turns reading the list of manifestations out loud. Once finished, we left a note in one of the notebooks, giving thanks for Webster and assurance that he would be loved and taken care of. We also left our group manifestation list there. In our one to two hours there, no one showed up - only Webster was there to meet and greet us. Needless to say, Webster came home with us and David and Diane took great care of cradling him in the back seat, on the ride back to Chattanooga.

I'd love to say here that this is the end of our fairy tale story (you know how I love stories:), but we have one more hurdle to jump. Having been awakened at 6 a.m. by Webster getting sick, we got up and started searching for vetinary care. Our friend, Jodi, provided us with a lead that in turn led us to another vet office. There, we found out that Webster has Parvo. Not famliar with doggie terms (it's been 22 + years since I've had a dog), I didn't quite grasp it all as quickly as Mike did. Parvo can be deadly and often, vets recommend putting the dog down. Although we could not afford the $1,000+ in-hospital treatment for him, we have undertaken the home care option. Webster received IV fluids, antibiotics, anti-nausea and pain meds. I know this is serious - the vets were spraying down their offices with clorox and we were asked to dip our shoes in clorox water before leaving. We will be taking Webster back to the vet, every day, for IV fluids until he is well (treatments will be handled in our car, in the parking lot).

It is now up to the Universe to determine Webster's fate .... Were we brought together to offer Webster a safe, loving environment in which to pass? Or, were we brought together to provide Webster with a happy, loving home and enjoy a new "baby" in our lives? We are sure it is the latter ...

Please, please uplift Webster in your thoughts, meditations or prayers! He is so very sick, but we're eternal optimists!! May the healing light of the Universe surround him!!

Webster D. Church - "Early" .... 14 lbs., 9ozs ... a little over 1 year old

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